For Interleaved Vision-language Pre-training
Alex Jinpeng Wang
Linjie Li
Kevin Qinhong Lin
Jianfeng Wang
Kevin Lin
Zhengyuan Yang
Lijuan Wang
Mike Zheng Shou
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CosMo Framework
In the evolution of Vision-Language Pre-training, shifting from short-text comprehension to encompassing extended textual contexts is pivotal. We introduce the contrastive loss into text generation models, presenting the COntrastive-Streamlined MultimOdal framework (CosMo), strategically partitioning the language model into dedicated unimodal text processing and adept multimodal data handling components.

Howto-Interlink7M Dataset Download.

Download data directly from Huggingface ListView. .

HowTo100M source video download.

The source video can be found here.

Dataset Statics.

More details about dataset statics can be found at here.
Alex Jinpeng Wang PhD Student NUS
Linjie Li Research Scientist Microsoft
Kevin Qinhong Lin PHD Student NUS
Jianfeng Wang Research Scientist Microsoft
Kevin Lin Research Scientist Microsoft
Zhengyuan Yang Research Scientist Microsoft
Lijuan Wang Research Scientist Microsoft
Mike Zheng Shou Assitant Professor NUS

Model Card

Method Language Model Vision Model Samples Model Weight
CosMo2.1B OPT-IML1.8B 130M VIT-L Pretrained Weight
CosMo3.4B RedPajama-3B 180M VIT-L Pretrained Weight
CosMo8.1B Mistral7B 180M VIT-L Pretrained Weight

Model Explorison

Our codebase also support training following models on A100 GPUS:
Language Model Size Batch Size GPU Memory
Vicuna 7B 196 70G
LLaMA 7B 196 70G
Mixtral7x8b 42B 32 80G


This work is mainly based on:






We thanks:

-Ziteng Gao for discussing the training stability of Multi-Node.

-Henry Zhao for his insights on the design of the lightweight cross-attention model.